Don’t live in Melbourne but still want to have me as your designer? No problem I’ve got you. I have designed over 70+ residential homes virtually using only a floor plan and realestate.com link.

This service is catered to help you with your soft furnishing selections. It’s tailored to each client’s individual needs to carefully consider which furniture selections are going to optimise your space. I will dive into how textures, colours, materials, and your furniture selections can reflect how you want your space to feel.
Styling to oversee your project ensuring your budget, design and aesthetic is always met.

Save your valuable time and money on getting this right the first time and invest in an Interior Designer who can manage the stress for you.

What’s included

  • Free phone consultation
  • Virtual Design consult
  • Colour scheme
  • Furniture selections
  • Artwork + Décor selections
  • Soft furnishing selections
  • Electronic vision board
  • Layout and spacial planning
  • Physical samples where applicable
  • Project management
  • Access to exclusive Trade discounts

What’s the process?

Stage One – Let’s Chat

I will send you a client questionnaire before our phone call. You will be required to fill this with as much detail as you can so I can understand your project. I will schedule in a phone call with you so we can dive into your project and have a light-hearted chat about what you envision for your space and what the process will be with me. This will be your chance to ask me any questions you have about my services and how we can work together.

Stage Two – Interior Design Consultation

In this initial stage the goal is to understand your vision for the space. We will schedule a virtual meeting and have a discussion about all of your ideas for the project. One of the most important parts of this stage virtually touring your space. I will take the time to understand both the practical aspects and your personal aesthetic and how you plan to use the space.

In your Interior Design consultation appointment, I will incorporate each detailed element into a complete scope of work and provide you with a flat rate proposal for the next stages of my services.

If you’ve decided to proceed with me then we can begin stage 3. If you decide that this Interior Design Consultation was enough and you’d like to source your own furniture and items, then at least the advice I have suggested will be able to guide you on your journey.

Duration: Up to 90 minutes
Investment: $350

Stage Three – Interior Design Concept

During this stage, you will see your vision come to life. This is why our design consultation was so important because I can begin creating your concept based on all the finer details we have already discussed. From furniture, artwork, décor and colour palette I’ll be able to create a concept that aligns with your goal. Throughout the concept stage, your budget will be carefully considered. You will also receive Trade discounts on all orders saving you valuable $$. I have saved clients more than $20,000 on any past projects as I have exclusive access as a designer to discounts not available to the public.

Stage Four – Order Co-Ordination

Once you have approved your final concept, I will coordinate your orders with my exclusive suppliers. During this coordination stage, I will take away all the stress as I’ll be managing all the logistics from freight schedules and tracking deliveries on your behalf.

Stage Five – Installation

As this is a virtual service I will ensure that you are prepped with a clear plan of how to install and set up your furniture + décor items yourself. You will be supplied with a detailed floor plan and mood board to follow and have some fun styling your project yourself. We will schedule a virtual meeting again so you can show off your property to me and I can ensure everything is exactly how we envisioned.