About Bree

About Bree

I’m a passionate Melbourne Interior Designer who loves to design spaces that reflect each client’s personality and flare. I pride myself on creating individuality throughout each of my concepts as every design is personally tailored to each client.

I have worked in the design field for over 9 years, starting with my Diploma at RMIT. I gained a wide skill set in Interior Design, Visual Merchandising, Photo styling, and Event styling. I have years of management experience which has made me well-equipped to project manage large-scale projects ensuring trades and suppliers are well-managed to provide you with a stress-free service.

Over the 9 years I have designed over 120+ properties including residential homes, air bnb’s, commercial spaces, and property staging. I have also undertaken a complete renovation of my own home which has sparked a greater passion for making an old space new and seeing how you can transform any home and make it beautiful.

My passion for interiors is far deeper than furniture and décor, those are just a bonus. I’ve always been hyper-sensitive to my environment being in certain spaces and how they make me feel. There’s a reason why certain spaces create different moods and it’s my passion to ensure that your space reflects your goal and how you want your space to feel.

I pride myself on leaving my clients feeling super comfortable and trusting in my creativity. So don’t be shy, reach out as I would love to get to know you and understand your vision for your project.

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